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Seniors' Falls Prevention Month - 2015 C…


We are excited to announce the details of the Finding Balance 2015 Campaign! &n...

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Seniors' Keep Active Challenge

November 1-30, 2015

We want to help seniors keep active! Join us as we travel across Alberta. Choose where you want to go and then start your journey! Any physical activity will count towards the trip. Keep track of how many steps you take or how many minutes of physical activity you do each day. Add these into the UWALK website to see how far you go by the end of November. If you belong to a senior’s centre or recreation program, you join as a group to travel together. Groups can order a map to track your group’s progress.


Thank you UWALK for partnering with us on the Challenge!

The Seniors’ Keep Active Challenge is sponsored by UWALK. Register on the UWALK website and then join the Challenge. You can join the Challenge starting October 26, 2015.

Join the Challenge! Click here to register.


Visit the campaign tab for more information about the 2015 Finding Balance campaign and local events.

ABOUT | Finding Balance

Finding Balance is designed to increase awareness of falls prevention among older Albertans. Finding Balance promotes real life strategies older adults can implement to reduce their risk of falling.

We are dedicated to helping seniors prevent falls so they can stay active and independent.





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